Recent Reg-Track Rules

Here are some of the recent rules on Reg-Track, that we have made available.

  1. On Jun. 2, Basel issued report on effect of volatile capital inflow.

  2. On Jun. 2, BRZ GVT issued measure on credit program for SMEs.

  3. On Jun. 3, EU ESMA launched consultation on cloud outsourcing.

  4. On Jun. 2, FINFSA reviewed insurance company solvency for 2019.

  5. On Jun. 1, HKIA issued rules strengthening insurer code of conduct.

  6. On Jun. 1, SBA, Treasury published PPP guidance as interim final rule.

  7. On Jun. 1, SEC commissioners remarks on Jun. 2020 FIMSAC meeting.

  8. On Jun. 3, Thai SEC organized lecture on business rehabilitation.

  9. On Jun. 1, FCA proposed guidance on business interruption test case.

  10. On Jun. 3, UK FCA confirmed guidance for insurer product value.